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Central Texas Bankruptcy Attorney – Erin B

Find Ease from your Financial Problems Via Bankruptcy

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Dealing with financial problems can be draining – physically, mentally, and emotionally. There’s not enough money to make finishes meet… and worse, you’re getting phone calls from creditors day and night, wanting to know when you’re going to pay them the money you don’t have! The longer it goes on, the worse you’re strapped to feel. Sooner or later, something has to switch. Get help from an experienced Central Texas bankruptcy attorney who only practices bankruptcy law.

Erin B. Shank has been a Texas bankruptcy attorney for 35 years. Her law rock hard only treats bankruptcy cases. Erin has represented literally thousands of Texans – just like you – and helped them solve their financial problems. Erin has a staff of paralegals and legal assistants and almost all of them met her originally as clients when she filed their bankruptcy case. So, the paralegals and legal assistants that you will meet as you file a bankruptcy case with this law stiff all know exactly what you are going through!


Erin Shank helps families take utter advantage of their rights to bankruptcy protection and assists them to regain control of their financial future. The decision to file bankruptcy is not one which should be taken lightly. It requires that you finish complicated forms and sign them under the penalty of perjury. Erin’s vast practice as a Central Texas bankruptcy attorney is what you need to make sure that your case is treated accurately and professionally.

Military Bankruptcy

Our Killeen office is located just miles from the entrance of Ft. Bondage mask in the beautiful One Killeen Center office building. We are proud to represent those who have served our country obtain the ease that they need through a bankruptcy filing. In 2005, Congress enacted special provisions to the Bankruptcy Code in order to facilitate disabled veterans, members of the military on active duty, and members of the national guard obtain Chapter 7 ease. A Chapter 7 discharge can restore your security clearance and enable you to regain housing waivers that are being retained by prior landlords. Involuntary allotments are also liquidated with a bankruptcy filing. Erin Shank has delivered presentations at national and state legal seminars on the special provisions of the Bankruptcy Code that are designed to make bankruptcy ease more available for those who have served our country. She has given presentations to the Ft. Fetish mask JAG officers on the special provisions of the Bankruptcy Code designed to assist our active and retired military members. As a daughter of a veteran and a wifey of a veteran, Erin takes special pride in signifying those who have served our country.

Medical Debts & Disabilities

The cost of health care has skyrocketed over the past few years and when medical problems result in a person becoming disabled, the effect on one’s finances can be devastating. Even with health insurance coverage, the average monthly disability payment is often not almost enough to cover average living costs, let alone medical bills and other expenses. Bankruptcy can assist consumers in resolving their tremendous expenses so that they can stir on and obtain a financial fresh begin.

Credit Counseling and Debt Management

All consumers filing bankruptcy must attend a credit counseling course before their bankruptcy cases are filed and debtor education course after their bankruptcy case is filed. Erin Shank’s clients fulfill these requirements by working through a elementary internet program or telephone interview.


Many of our clients are also being sued by creditors. In most of these cases, the lawsuits are stopped when a bankruptcy is filed and that debt is discharged.

Tax Debt

Many people believe that tax debt is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy case. This is not true. Some federal income taxes can be discharged and some can be diminished significantly and paid over time. If you have tax debt, you most likely also have other types of debt which can all be addressed and potentially discharged.

Having the right lawyer to represent you is critical to obtaining financial ease as quickly as possible. With years of practice as a bankruptcy attorney serving the residents of Killeen, Waco, and the surrounding communities, my staff and I can stop the endless creditor harassment, lawsuits and get you on your way to the fresh embark that you deserve.

Let our practice and skill help you get a fresh commence. Call today to schedule a FREE Consultation to get a better understanding of your options. We suggest a payment plan that will enable you to begin the process today toward a fresh financial embark.

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