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Payday Loans Like Wonga, Alternative Borrowing From £100

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Wonga loans are a large international company which opened their doors here in the UK in 2006 after soon realising that there was a large market for payday loans. They are internationally known as one of largest payday loan companies in the market, despite some of their previous negative press.

We suggest loans like Wonga but how are we similar,

Wonga loans suggest the following types of brief term loans UK,

6 month flexi loans from £200 loan to £600 loan

Brief term loans from £50 loan to £400 loan

Trio month flexi loan from £150 loan to £500 loan

Whereas we suggest the following instant payday loans like Wonga but higher amounts in just one product,

Loans from £100 loan to £2000 loan. We suggest one plain brief term loans UK product where you select the amount you want over the period that you choose.

Because we work similar to a credit broker and not a lender, we are able to use a chunk of software possessed by Monevo, that works with numerous direct lenders suggesting instant payday loans like Wonga, which is how we are able to suggest loans like Wonga. We are different as by using a large panel of lenders this enables us to search a lot of lenders like Wonga within milliseconds to find you the best rate available to your circumstances sometimes meaning that we are cheaper than Wonga.

Even if you have been rejected by Wonga, we may still be able to help you as we work with a lot Wonga alternatives, that have similar sites like Wonga but may have different lending criteria to Wonga. Most lenders will base the majority of the decision on how affordable the re-payments are for you to make, the less affordable the payments may be, the less likelihood of you paying back the money. Be sure to always response the application form correctly, even if you are fighting with your finances, as incorrect information may influence your decision.

If you are in financial hardship, then most sites like Wonga will be able to tell you who to contact where you should be able to get the right help as opposed to borrowing, such as your local Citizens advise bureau, or even the Money advise service.

Payday loans like Wonga are never advisable if you are fighting financially.

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